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Prime Auto has a great line of truck canopies, painted to match your truck for a custom look. Our canopies are not available for online sales, but please browse the different models that we carry and see which suits your needs. Prime  also has aluminum, contractor canopies that are made to your own specifications.

Prime Auto has been proudly been a dealer of  Raider's lineup of truck canopies for the past 6 years. Raider's high quality truck caps and tonneaus are manufactured by industry leader Truck Accessories Group, who also builds the Leer and Century lines.

In reality, Raider's and Leers product lineup mirror each other with every Leer model having an identical model in Raider's lineup. Raider and Leer product are built in the same factory, from the same moulds, have the same accessories installed, are painted with the same paint, and ship in the same enclosed trucks.

Explore the complete lineup of truck caps Raider has, and feel free to contact Prime Auto for any questions you may or to be suprised by the competitive pricing we offer

Do you have a quote in hand for a Leer or Cap-It canopy already? Talk to us, let us know what your have found and we'll be happy to beat it and keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket.